Charlie The Bug Workman killed Dutch Schultz October 23, 1935. Released from Trenton State Prison in 1964.

Clarence Hill the “Duck Island Killer”was convicted of six lover’s lane killings in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He served 20 years and was released from Trenton in 1964.

August Bernard Doak a member of Detroit’s Purple Gang, kidnapped a New Jersey State Trooper and later led the devastating riots of 1952. He died in prison.

Joseph Anthony Doto Joe Adonis, the “Teflon Don” of the 1930’s ’40s and ’50s and major organized crime figure, did about 18 months in Trenton. He was later deported as an undesirable alien.

Harold Kayo Konigsberg an eccentric enforcer for North Jersey mobsters, made headlines in the New York Times as well as being featured in Life Magazine for his antics in the 1950’s and ’60s. He’s still in a federal prison.

George White Rogers the “Hero of the Morro Castle Disaster,” was given awards for bravery. He was later convicted of attempted murder and then a double murder. Some now suspect he may have set the fire on the cruise ship that claimed 135 lives. He died in Trenton State Prison.

Joseph Newsboy Moriarity another eccentric character from North Jersey associated with gambling, he let millions of dollars slip through his fingers rather than claim it and take a chance on going to jail for bookmaking. He served a short stretch in Trenton.

Tommy Rabbi Tom Trantino who was convicted of the sadistic slaying of two Lodi police officers in 1963, became a model prisoner, but failed year after year to win parole because of the heinousness of his crime. He finally got out of prison in 2002.

Edgar Smith convicted of the brutal slaying of 15-year-old Victoria Zielinski in Mahwah, wrote a book, Brief Against Death, and won William F. Buckley over to his side. He pleaded “no contest” after setting a record for time spent on Trenton’s death row and was released but committed another assault on a woman in California where he’s still in prison.

Rubin Hurricane Carter was twice convicted of a “racially-motivated” slaying of three whites in a Paterson bar. The top-rated middleweight contender spent 18 years in jail, much of it in Trenton,before seeing his sentence overturned by a federal judge in 1985.

Clark Squire Black Liberation Army partner of Joanne Chesimard, was convicted of the slaying of a New Jersey State Trooper on the turnpike. After an unsuccessful attempt by the BLA to break him out of Trenton, he was shipped to another state.

Richard Biegenwald escaped the electric chair and death by lethal injection for murders years apart in two distinctly different eras. His random murders of four young women perhaps qualify him as a New Jersey serial killer. He is still in prison in Trenton.

Terry Alden the Bionic Bandit, pulled off a spectacular escape from Trenton during Hurricane Belle and committed a series of bank robberies in the Midwest. He earned the Bionic Bandit designation for leaping over bank counters and not even flinching when he was caught on tape being shot at point blank range by a bank guard. He’s still in a New Jersey prison.

John List the meticulous accountant, killed his wife, mother and three children to “send them to heaven” when he got into financial difficulties and feared that his daughter was under the influence of devil worshippers. He was captured after being featured on America’s Most Wanted and was the subject of an ABC Sunday Night Movie.

Richard the Iceman
a hit man who claimed over a hundred bodies, was the darling of HBO producers who featured him twice in specials on their network.

Jesse Timmendequas was convicted of the rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka, leading to the passing of “Megan’s Laws” in all 50 states requiring notification of the community when convicted sex offenders are released back to their areas.

Robert O. Marshall a businessman, who spent time on death row in the new (1983-1985) prison complex for taking out a $1.4 million life insurance policy on his wife and then hiring a Louisiana hit man to kill her. He is now in the general population at the prison.

Leslie Nelson a transsexual convicted of killing two Haddon Heights police officers, is the only woman on the new death row.

Ambrose Harris is on death row for kidnapping young artist Kristin Huggin, driving her around Trenton in the trunk of his car and then raping and murdering her.

Robert Mudman Simon was on death row for the murder of a Franklin Township police officer (after being paroled from Pennsylvania on another murder) until he got into a fight in a death row holding area with Ambrose Harris who stomped Simon’s head down to a two-inch wedge.