Harry served under 14 wardens in his career. Most top administrators tended to keep a tight lid on information concerning incidents at the prison. A notable exception was Howard Beyer, warden from 1985-1991. His annual reports to the central office reflected a policy of keeping full and accurate records that gave a complete picture of the day-to-day life of the prison.

Following is a standard section in the annual report entitled "UNTOWARD INCIDENTS" from the Beyer administration for fiscal 1986-1987 (July 1-June 30). This is the best snapshot of what goes on every day in a maximum-security state prison like Trenton.


July 1  Inmate Assault: Inmate Beal stabbed by inmate Chasmer. 

July 14  Assault On Staff Member: Officer Sapp assaulted by inmate Garrett for unknown reason. Minor injury to Officer Sapp's tooth.

July 23  Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Lee charged for being out of place; responded by assaulting Officer Verellen with his fists. Officer Verellen sent to St. Francis Hospital.

July 24    Inmate Assault: Inmate Braxton stabbed by inmate Mercado.

July 24  Attempted Suicide: Inmate Rossi attempted suicide by hanging.

July 27  Assault On Staff Member: Officer Wills asked to examine Inmate Farms' container. Inmate responded by throwing content of container in Officer Wills' face, then punched the officer in the face, ribs and chest. Inmate Farms subdued and placed in restraints. Sergeant Pelt and Officer Waldron also injured.

July 29  Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Wright threatened Sergeant Dobron in the mess hall. As he was being escorted through the rotunda, Inmate Wright assaulted Sergeant Norzon. Inmate Wright cuffed, shackled and escorted to 1-left.

July 30  Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Webb threatened Officer Rafalowski when inmate couldn't get 9:00 a.m. phone call because of movement. Inmate threw food and water onto the tier. While being escorted to 1-left, inmate assaulted the officers. Officer G.T. Paul sent to St. Francis Hospital. No injuries to the inmate.

July 30  Inmate Incident: Inmates Manning and Williams granted an attorney visit. Visit terminated approximately an hour later by Administrator Beyer. Inmate Manning resisted attempts to take blood sample. Mechanical restraints used to subdue this inmate. Incident filmed by Internal Affairs.

July 31  Attempted Suicide: Inmate Rossi again attempted suicide by hanging. Demands to be placed in 1C or will try again.

August 8   Attempted Suicide: Inmate Rossi Attempted Suicide by hanging.

August 11  Attempted Suicide: Inmate Rossi Attempted Suicide by hanging.

August 11  Assault On Staff Member: Officer Ferguson assaulted by Inmate Flynn as inmate came out of shower. Assault continued on Officer Boyd. Both officers treated at St. Francis Hospital.

August 12  Inmate Incident: Letter received by Sergeant Van Dyne indicating Inmate Langston was beaten August 9 by two inmates. Also that shanks are hidden in cells. Note turned over to Internal Affairs.

August 12  Assault On Staff Member: Acting on above note, attempt made to search cells. In response to Code 33, Sergeant Van Dyne arrived in 7-right to observe Officer R. Carter's clothes disarrayed and several officers holding Inmate Robinson on the floor. Inmate escorted to 1-left.

August 12  Use of Mechanical Force: Inmate Morgan was to be escorted to 1-left per orders of Shift commander. Inmate refused to move and barricaded himself in his cell. Officers ordered to suit up, and Internal Affairs called in to film the move. Officers pushed the cell door open, pinned inmate to the bed and cuffed him. He was then escorted to 1-left.

August 13  Attempted Suicide: Inmate Rossi Attempted Suicide by hanging. Later observed jumping on and off his sink and putting his head in his toilet bowl. Transported to St. Francis complaining of back pain.

August 16  Use of Mace: Sergeant Van Dyne and Officers Morris and Guido entered 1-left to move inmate Morris to 1C. Inmate had barricaded his cell door and had a piece of plywood backing from his sink. Internal Affairs was called and officers suited up. Inmate was ordered to place hands out of food port to be cuffed; inmate refused. Mace was applied but inmate blocked it out with the plywood. Mace was applied a second time. Inmate taken to the clinic and then to 1-left without further incident.

August 19  Use of Mace: Inmate Morris was to be transferred to another housing unit; inmate refused. Mace applied. Several attempts to bring inmate out of his cell failed. Sergeant Boyd ordered inmate removed and escorted to 1-left. Inmate later barricaded his cell door and flooded his cell. He was removed and placed in the flats without further incident.

August 23   Attempted Suicide: Inmate Martino attempted suicide by tying a piece of mattress around his neck. Transferred to St. Francis via Lifemobile.

August 24  Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Johnson kicked Officer Jackson and another officer in the chest in 7-right. Inmate restrained and escorted to 1-left.

August 24  Attempted Suicide: Inmate Martino observed having a piece of string from his hospital gown around his neck, face down towards the sink. Inmate transported to St. Francis, returned to prison and shackled to the bed.

September 6   Inmate Assault: Inmate Shelly stabbed by Inmate Smith in 1-left yard. Shelly taken to St. Francis and Smith to 1-left.

September 9  Inmate Assault: Inmate Beiter struck on head with pipe by Inmate Corsi and stabbed in back by Inmate Saichetti. Beiter taken to St. Francis with shank embedded in his back. Corsi and Saichettin escorted to 1-left.

September 13  Cell Search: Cells of Inmate Pena and Inmate Rivers searched. While strip frisking Rivers, Officer Tisdale discovered five packets of CDS and $100 bill in zipper compartment of his sneakers. Charges placed against both inmates and escorted to 1-left.

September 16  Inmate Assault Inmates Sudan, Jamal and McNeil involved in physical confrontation. Jamal escorted away from cell; McNeil and Sudan placed outside of cell. All three inmates bloodstained. Pipe found in cell. Inmates escorted to 1-left. Internal Affairs filmed search of cell.

September 16  Assault On Staff Member: Officer Bodnar assaulted by Inmate Ford. Inmate wrestled to floor by responding officers and cuffed. Inmate escorted to 1-left. Officer Bodnar sent to St. Francis and returned to duty.

September 17  Assault On Staff Member: Officer Burnett punched in face by Inmate Roszits. Inmate subdued and escorted to 1-left.

September 18  Search, 4-Wing: Various forms of contraband uncovered, including wooden sticks embedded with nails, drug paraphernalia, etc. All items placed in armory.

September 22  Assault On Staff Member: Code 33 in 6-right. Officers responding observed officers wrestling Inmate Jones on the floor. Officers and inmate separated, inmate escorted to 1-left. No injuries.

September 23   Assault On Staff Member: Sergeant Gorbe punched in mouth by Inmate Mitchell. Sergeant struck back. Inmate wrestled to floor and cuffed; escorted to 1C Observation. Sergeant Gorbe treated at the clinic and returned to duty.

September 26  Shop Search: Sergeant Van Dyne conducted a search of the shops. Following contraband discovered: flammable sprays and acid. Various vent covers in the loft found loose giving access to two windows. Contraband turned over to Internal Affairs.

October 4  Assault On Staff Member: Instead of showering, Inmate Belton ran down the stairs and assaulted Officer Marczak by striking him in the head with a phone. Inmate held officers at bay with the swinging phone until it caught on a support beam. He was then restrained and escorted to 1-left. Officer Marczak was sent to St. Francis for treatment.

October 10   Assault on Staff Member: Inmate Davis was involved in a physical confrontation with Officer Hall. Officers had to free the inmate's grasp on Officer Hall to subdue him. Cuffs and leg irons were placed on the inmate, and he was escorted to 1-left without further incident.

October 21  Assault on Staff Member: When entering the Donald Bourne School, inmate Lee refused to submit to a search and assaulted Officer Downey. The inmate was escorted to 1-left without further incident.

October 26   Inmate Assault: Inmates Jones and Townsend attacked Inmate Steward. Responding officers subdued all inmates involved. No officers were injured during this incident. Inmates were escorted to 1-left with appropriate charges.

October 28   Assault on Staff Member: Inmate Cameron assaulted Officer Sanderson as inmate was being escorted to 3DD-Protective Custody. The inmate threw punches and officer defended himself by returning same, and they wrestled to the floor. Responding officers subdued the inmate and Cameron was escorted to 1-left. Officer Sanderson was sent to St. Francis.

October 28   Use of Mace: Inmate Alverez was tearing his cell apart and using a broken pipe as a weapon. Internal Affairs was called and officers suited up. Inmate refused all orders and Mace was applied. Inmate was subdued, cuffed and placed on the flats. Officers were treated at the clinic for Mace effects and all returned to duty.

November 5   Motor Vehicle Accident: A Jones Farm bus collided with Officer J. Thompson's (TSP) car. Trenton Police Department called and the necessary information given. Sergeant Boyd and two officers arrived at the scene and took the Jones Farm inmates to the institutional clinic to be examined. No injuries sustained to the inmates on the bus. Officer Thompson received no injuries.

November 6   Assault on Staff Member: Inmate Torres verbally and physically assaulted Officer L. Brancato by throwing a table at him. This assault took place at Helene Fuld Medical Center. Inmate was placed in cuffs, leg irons and a restraining belt. When Trenton State Prison officers assumed custody of the inmate, the on-duty nurse informed officers that this inmate should be placed in isolation and transferred to St. Francis. Transfer made without incident.

November 8   Inmate Problem: Inmate Ellerby placed in physical restraints to prevent injury to himself and others (per Mr. Morton and Dr. Saxton). All bruises were the result of his banging and kicking his cell door.

November 9  Code 21 (Fire): A Code 21 alerted officers to 7-up. Heavy smoke observed coming from inmate Tholen's cell. Inmate was at yard at the time of the fire. Internal Affairs took over the investigation due to the suspicious nature of this fire. Inmate was placed in 1-left emergency housing Protective Custody. No injuries sustained by officers while putting out the fire.

November 11   Inmate Assault: Inmate Burke and inmate Montouri involved in a physical confrontation. Inmate Montouri taken to the clinic for treatment and then transferred to St. Francis. Inmate Burke escorted to 1-left. Internal Affairs investigated the matter and determined inmate Montouri was to be placed in Protective Custody upon return from St. Francis.

November 14   Code 33: Inmate Massey was lying on his cell floor with a mop wringer in his hand. Officers were restraining inmate Oliver. Both inmates were involved in a confrontation. Both were seen at the clinic and placed in 1-left.

November 16   Assault On Staff Member: Officer Grant assaulted by inmate Barbarino while responding to a fire in that unit. Officer Burnett also attempted to restrain this inmate as Burnett tried to extinguish the fire. No injuries to staff or inmate, and inmate cuffed and escorted to 1-left.

November 18  Inmate Assault: Inmate Moore assaulted by inmate Flowers and Rivers who were robbing Moore and attempting to get sexual favors. Inmate Moore refused the advances and was subsequently beaten. He was placed in Protective Custody and the matter was turned over to Internal Affairs for further investigation.

November 19   Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Mitchell assaulted Sergeant Campbell by tackling him to the floor. Officers Mendenhall and Hoagland assisted Sergeant Campbell in restraining the inmate. Sergeant Campbell was seen at the clinic and returned to duty.

November 21  Code 21 (Fire): Sergeant Campbell and Officer R.W. Brown observed smoke coming from a cell occupied by inmate Galline. Further observation revealed a projectile flying through the air from cell 34 to the 3DD pantry. The inmate was charged with possession of a weapon and escorted to 1-left.

November 21  Use of Force: Lieutenant Wilson, Sergeants Jackson and Miller, along with officer, were required to enter inmate Ellerby's cell for the purpose of removing his clothes. Inmate refused and had to be forcibly stripped after restraints were placed on his wrists. No further incidents took place; Internal Affairs was present during this process.

November 21   Assault On Staff Member: Inmate Preston pushed Senior Correction Officer D. Santos in the inmate's mess hall during the running of mess. Inmate was placed in 1-left. No injuries to staff or inmate.

November 22   Inmate Assault: Inmates Pitts and McDougald (Capital Sentence Unit) involved in physical confrontation on 2E rec deck. Charges were placed against both inmates. McDougald's recreation privileges were temporarily suspended pending the Administrator's review.

November 22   Contraband Seizure: On October 13, 1986, information was received that a "Strong Arm Operation" was being conducted in 3EE involving several inmates. One inmate, Storie, was "middle roading," playing inmates against each other. Several inmates were interviewed and it was revealed that CDS was entering the institution during window visits. On 11/22/86, Sergeant Loveman conducted a cell search of Cell 1, 3EE and Cell 45, 3EE housing Storie and Fowler. CDS was found, belonging to Storie, and upon leaving his window visit (Storie), a razor blade was also found. Inmate was placed in 1-left.

November 23  Possession of Incendiary Device: While Sergeant Campbell and Officer R.W. Brown were discussing unit activities in the unit's control booth, they observed a puff of smoke coming from cell 34 occupied by inmate Gallione. Also, a projectile was observed going from the cell to the 3DD pantry, distance of approximately forty feet. Sergeant Campbell immediately proceeded to 3DD and found a yellow tube with one end closed, and the opposite end open and burnt. He proceeded to inmate Gallione's cell and found another rocket type projectile in his cell. This inmate was taken to 1-left prehearing detention without incident.

November 23   Inmate Assault: Inmate Bobo assaulted inmate Manvel in the inmate mess hall, punching him in the face for no apparent reason; no words were exchanged according to Officer E. Armstrong. Inmates escorted out of the mess hall, Bobo to 1-left and Manvel to the clinic. No injuries to staff members.

November 24   Use of Force/Mace: Sergeant Aaronson was informed Inmate Melendez was refusing to strip when ordered to do so. When Sergeant Arronson arrived, inmate became extremely hostile. Sergeant Aaronson called Central Control to request Internal Affairs with camera. Upon Internal Affairs' arrival, inmate again refused to strip. Mace was sprayed and his cell door was opened. Inmate kicked and punched officers. Batons used to restrain the inmate. Inmate Melendez was seen at the clinic and escorted to 1-left. Internal Affairs filmed the entire incident.

November 24   Destruction of State Property: Inmate Ellerby kicked and broke the window of his cell door (1C). Due to his behavior and to prevent injuries to himself and others, he was shackled to his bed. This was done without resistance or force.

November 24   Assault on Staff Member: A Code 33 alerted officers to Capital Sentence Unit. Inmate Hunt refused to come out of the shower. Officer Pearson called for the shower door to be opened by the control booth officer. Hunt stepped out of the shower and punched Officer Pearson on his left cheek. Officer Cox assisted Officer Pearson and he too was assaulted by this inmate. When restrained, inmate was placed in prehearing detention status in the unit. Offi­cers were treated at the clinic. Officer Pearson was taken to St. Francis for further treatment.

November 29  Assault on Staff Member/Contraband: Sergeant Van Dyne was informed that inmate Salaam was in possession of contraband (drugs). A cell search was conducted. While officers were in inmate's cell, inmate turned and ran down the tier with books in his hand. Responding officers chased inmate Salaam and in an attempt to run past Sergeant Van Dyne, inmate ran into him. Officers subdued the inmate and he was escorted to 1-left. Sergeant Van Dyne was treated at the clinic for an injured shoulder. Inmate sustained a cut; he accidentally fell while running. Note: CDS was found in the inmate's book.

December 4   Inmate Assault: Officers responded to a Code 33 in 2EE. Inmate Williams threw hot water on Inmate Beecher. Beecher transferred to St. Francis Medical Center for burns on his body. Inmate Williams placed in 1-left without incident. Officer Stanley also was hit by the hot water and required treatment at the clinic.

December 4   Bomb Threat: Sergeant Keown, mailroom supervisor, received a bomb threat call. Upon reporting the information to the chief deputy, the command post was activated. Trenton Police Department notified along with the fire department, Special Operations Group, and U.S.A.F. Bomb Team with their dog "Buddy." Location of the bomb was unknown, with time of detonation 45 minutes after the call was received. Call was made by a male protesting the treatment of his brother. All civilians were cleared of the area. After extensive search, area was deemed clear by the bomb team. Code was cleared and business returned to normal.

December 8   Use of Force/Mace: Inmate Morris, per orders of the Psychology Department, was to be moved to IC. Inmate refused the move and positioned himself in a defensive stance. Sergeant Williams requested Internal Affairs to film the move. When Internal Affairs arrived, Morris refused to place his hands through the foodport to be cuffed. Mace was sprayed and the door opened. Inmate was cuffed, escorted to the clinic for treatment, then to IC. No injuries to staff members.

December 9   Use of Force: When officers entered unit to escort Inmate Harris to Intake for a court trip, he asked for a telephone call. This was refused due to standard operational procedures. Inmate refused to be cuffed until his call was made. Central Control was notified and the inmate locked in. Sergeant Hendricks and officers, along with Internal Affairs, entered the unit. Inmate was again ordered to prepare for court trip; he refused. Inmate was then cuffed and leg irons placed on him. He refused to walk to Intake and was placed in a laundry cart. Inmate disrupted the orderly running of the unit. Female officers had to leave the unit due to this inmate being physically dressed by officers.

December 11  Use of Force/Mace/Destruction of State Property: Inmate Smith issued a charge for threatening Officer Ingram. Prehearing detention approved by the shift commander and Mr. Morton. Inmate refused to be cuffed when ordered. Sergeant Boyd requested the presence of unit captain, lieutenant and Internal Affairs. Sergeant Boyd used Mace to minimize the risk of injury should the inmate continue to refuse. Mace had no effect. Inmate covered the floor of his cell with what appeared to be a soap solution. All attempts to talk to the inmate failed. The cell door was ordered opened and the inmate restrained. Physical force and batons were used only as necessitated by the continued violent actions of the inmate until cuffs and leg irons placed on him. He was escorted to 1-left without further problem. Internal Affairs filmed entire incident. Officers treated at the clinic and released by the Medical Department.

December 11  Use of Force: Inmate Smith began banging his bed in his cell. When approached by Sergeant Aaronson, inmate was found to have a piece of the cell's plumbing fixture in his hand. He said he wanted to be moved to the Vroom Readjustment Unit. The Sergeant tried to talk the inmate into releasing his weapon. Officers ordered into the cell to restrain the inmate. When the door was opened, inmate dropped his weapon and was cuffed. Complete incident was video taped. No injuries to staff.

December 11   Destruction of State Property: Inmate Smith kicked a red brick out of the cell. This time, inmate complied with all orders.

December 13   Attempted Escape: Sergeant Pelt received a phone call from Captain Poretti informing him of an attempted escape from Helene Fuld Hospital by inmate Williams. Williams given permission to use the facilities by Officer Lauth. Noticing the lock was on the inside, Officer Lauth held the door open with his foot. This enraged the inmate; he became loud and abusive, disturbing other patients who came to the door to see what the problem was. Inmate was being cuffed when he pushed the officer out of the way and ran down the hall. He was tackled to the floor and carried back to his room. Trenton State Prison officers were summoned to the hospital and took over the custody of the inmate. After inmate Williams' treatment, he was returned to the prison and placed in prehearing detention status.

December 22   Use of Mace: Inmate Brown transferred from 1-left to 1C. Mace used because the inmate was uncooperative and abusive towards officers. No injuries to staff members.

December 22  Evacuation of Wing: A major fire was reported on 7-up necessitating evacuation of inmates to the chapel. Trenton police notified to have the Lifemobile and several ambulances dispatched to the prison. Heavy smoke sent supervisors and officers to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment. Three officers admitted overnight. The fire started in inmate Tigney's cell. His cell and contents completely destroyed. Internal Affairs took over the investigation.

December 28  Attempted Escape: SB 5 Officer J.E. Bigham spotted three inmates walking through the construction yard to the shop hall area alongside of 4-wing. Officer Bigham immediately notified central control. A code 99 was sounded. Officer Bigham blew his whistle and the three inmates came out from behind the shop hall with hands over their heads. He held them at bay until assistance came. A stand- up count was taken and three dummies were found in cell 73 in 4-left. These three inmates had exited 4-wing through a hole in the ceiling of cell 73.

December 28  Lockdown of Institution: As a result of the escape attempt, the institution was locked down. Administrator Beyer declared a state of emergency. Searches commenced which resulted in the finding of contraband. Cell 92 in 4-left revealed a hole. The inmate who occupied this cell was placed in 1-left. The institution returned to normal on December 29.


January 2   Destruction of State Property: Inmate Mars destroyed the unit telephone, stapler and flashlight, and threw drawers from the unit podium at the control booth and cracked the window. The inmate was handcuffed and taken to 1-left without further incident. No injuries to inmate or staff members.

January 14  Use of Mace: Inmate McBride was advised of a transfer to 1C per the psychology department. Inmate refused to be moved. Internal Affairs arrived to video tape this move. Inmate was again ordered, and again he refused. Mace was sprayed in his cell and inmate submitted to being handcuffed. He was taken to the clinic for treatment of Mace and escorted to 1C without further incident. No injuries to staff members.

January 15   Use of Mace: Sergeant Boyd was summoned to 2C as a result of inmate Forman causing a disturbance. Inmate was loud and any attempt to quiet him fell on deaf ears. Inmate Forman was advised he would be going to 1-left if he continued this behavior. The shift commander was notified and Internal Affairs was contacted. Upon their arrival, the inmate was still causing a disturbance. Mace was sprayed, and officers entered the cell and hand­cuffed the inmate. Leg irons were also applied. He was treated at the clinic and escorted to 1-left without further incident.

January 15   Vroom Readjustment Unit Yard Incident: Inmate Griffith broke a window upon entering the yard. Yard movement ceased immediately and inmates in the yard ordered back to their units. Six inmates refused to come in. Additional officers were held over at shift change to control the situation. Internal Affairs provided video coverage. Inmates again were ordered to return to their units at which time they were strip frisked, handcuffed, and escorted to lock up. Minimum force was needed to handcuff the inmates since they refused to be cuffed. Inmate F. Lewis did not allow custody to remove his cuffs until 7:20 on 1/16/87. No injuries to staff or inmates. Other inmates involved: Brittingham; Robbins; Chase; and P. Lewis.

February 1  Assault on Staff Member/Use of Mace: Inmate Bridges threw water on Officer B.C. Jones in 2FF. Inmate was advised by Lieutenant Simpson that he was being placed in 1-left. Upon opening the cell door, inmate came at Lieutenant Simpson with a ball point pen in each hand at which time inmate was Maced, shackled, and taken to the clinic. He was treated and then escorted to 1-left without further incident.

February Use of Mace: Inmate Smith was ordered to be placed in 1C per the Psychology Department. This inmate refused to move. Internal Affairs was contacted to provide video coverage. Inmate was ordered to move and again he refused. Mace was sprayed and inmate was cuffed. Inmate was taken to the clinic, then to IC.

February 7  Assault on Staff Member/Injury: Inmate Deckle was transferred from one cell to another due to unsanitary condition of his cell. Once cleared of his cell, inmate dropped his property and struck Officer J. Marczak in the chest. An alarm was sounded and officers restrained inmate. He was then escorted to 1-left. Officer Marczak sustained injuries to his left shoulder. Officer H. Grant sustained a cut on his right hand. Both were treated at St. Francis.

February 9   Assault on Staff Member: While being escorted to 1-left, inmate Cinque made a racial slur and then proceeded to assault Officers C. Boyd and C. Baker by punching them. A Code 33 alerted officers to the scene and inmate was subdued. Inmate Cinque was treated for minor injuries and escorted to 1-left. Officers were referred to St. Francis for further examina­tion. No serious injury to Officer Boyd. Officer Baker required several stitches to his eye.

February 12   Attempted Escape/Tampering with Locking Device: Inmate J. Scott was observed out of his cell, unit 7-Up. It is unknown how this inmate was out of his cell because the tier boxes are locked at night and the officers do not have keys. Inmate was taken to 1-left without inci­dent. The inmate was spotted because of additional officers assigned to the unit. The locking system in this unit has caused inmates to enter/exit their cells at any time. This presents a safety and security hazard and has custody staff deeply concerned.

February 15  Fighting and Assault with a Weapon: A fight took place in cell 73 occupied by inmates Childs, Muhammad, and Price. Inmate Price was stabbed by inmate Childs who alleges he was assaulted by the other two inmates. A search of the cell revealed a can opener with blood stains. Reports were forwarded to Internal Affairs who are investigating further. Childs was found not guilty of the assault and was taken to the Vroom Readjust­ment Unit/Protective Custody.

February 17  Assault on Staff Member/Use of Force: While in the holding cell in court­line, inmate Mars began shouting obscenities at Officer S. Howlett. Lieutenant Shepelenko then called for escorting officers to remove inmate from the area. Upon their arrival, inmate Mars refused to be handcuffed and began to struggle with these officers. He was subdued and the escorting officers were taking him to 1-left when this inmate began kicking officers. Leg irons were placed on inmate Mars to subdue him further. He was placed in 1-left still threatening the officers.

March 1  Escape: Inmate Beckett, a Jones Farm minimum custody inmate, was detailed to clean the front house of Trenton State Prison. At approxi­mately 12:55 p.m., this inmate was reported missing. The shift commander was notified along with other appropriate personnel. The Escape Plan and Command Post was activated. Search teams were sent to key locations with negative results. At approximately 3:05 p.m., the Command Post was secured. Inmate was apprehended at a later date in Trenton, New Jersey.

March 1   Assault on Staff Member with a Weapon: Inmate Wilson assaulted Officer Froman. Inmate was being escorted to the clinic for an appointment with Dr. Berrisford. Inmate Wilson walked past Officer Froman, Clinic Officer, without giving him his name and the reason for being at the clinic. When Officer Froman called this inmate, inmate began to shake his finger in the officer's face, becoming belligerent. Wilson poked the officer in the face and it was necessary to subdue the inmate, all the while resisting and striking this officer with his cane. Responding officer subdued the inmate, and it was determined to keep the inmate at the clinic in the overflow unit. When ordered to strip, inmate began to cry and act bizarre. This was taped by Internal Affairs. Inmate Wilson was restrained until seen by the psychologist. Upon recommendation by the psychology department, the inmate was shackled to the bed. No further incident was encountered with this inmate.

March 10  Movement of Inmates: As a result of an on-going investigation by Internal Affairs Unit, Trenton State Prison, twenty inmates were moved from general population to 4C Management Control Unit (Prehearing Detention). These inmates were identified as major drug traffickers within this institution. The move was done without incident and completed by March 11, 1987.

March 10   Inmate Assault: During a fight in the mess hall, inmate Young slashed inmate Hedgepeth in the face. The weapon consisted of two razor blades found on inmate Young when he was searched upon entering 1-left, Prehearing Detention. Inmate Hedgepeth was treated at St. Francis; no injuries to staff members.

March 13   Attempted Suicide: Inmate Holland was observed "cutting up." A code 66 was immediately sounded. The inmate was escorted to the clinic, then to St. Francis for further treatment. This escort took place without incident. Internal Affairs investigated this incident.

March 13   Hostage Situation: Approximately 1:30 p.m., a hostage situation was in progress in the Donald Bourne School. Inmate Galvan was holding three civilian hostages. The Command Post was activated as well as key personnel contacted. Verification of personnel being held were H. Johnson, social worker; M. Sledge, social worker; and Ms. Hill, social worker. A stand up count was taken; inmate J. Cedeno and D. Garner were ­also taken hostage. An investigation revealed innate Galvan was upset because he felt there was a mistake in his parole date and that triggered the hostage situation. Agreeing to a request for a transfer to Yardville led to the surrendering of the hostages. Inmate was transferred to Yardville and placed in Prehearing Detention pending a disciplinary hearing.

March 27   Assault on Staff Member: Officer Gonzales was assaulted by inmate Douglas in the facial area. A Code 33 alerted officers who subdued the inmate. While officers were restraining inmate Douglas, inmate Waliyallah came to Douglas' aid by jumping on the officers. Both inmates were taken to 1-left. During the time of the lock-up, inmate Wilson incited other inmates by yelling, "We should get together and kill Sergeant Shyner." He was also placed in 1-left with Internal Affairs filming the escort. ­

April 1   Inmate Assault Sergeant Williams observed Officer K. Butler running toward a confrontation between two inmates, Islam and Robertson, in the West Compound. Yard movement was in progress. Both inmates were seen at the clinic. Islam was taken to St. Francis for stitches for a wound on his head. Robertson was examined, released, and taken to 1-left. No injuries to staff.

April 2   Assault with Weapon: Inmate Guzman approached the control booth in 2FF and informed the officer that he wanted to go to the clinic. This inmate was bleeding from his right cheek. Inmate stated inmate Salas had cut him through the food port. Salas' cell was searched with negative results; he was then escorted to 1-left without incident.

April 6   Assault on Staff Member: Officer Gorman was assaulted by inmate Ghana when he attempted to stop this inmate from placing two eggs in his jacket pocket. Inmate Ghana punched Officer Gorman, and inmate Muslim struck Officer K.L. Clark in the chest in an attempt to prevent the officer from going to the assistance of Officer Gorman. Inmates Ghana and Muslim were escorted to 1-left. Officer Gorman was taken to St. Francis.

April 7   Assault on Staff Member: Sergeant Reynolds was dispatched to 3FF to escort inmate Perez to 1-left for refusing to lock in. The inmate was placed in handcuffs without any problems. However, upon entering the elevator, the inmate commented, "Listen to M." He then broke free of the grip and kicked the back of the sergeant's legs, and began striking at the escort officers. The inmate was subdued, but continued to resist and refused to move. Finally moving, the inmate was taken to the clinic for a minor cut under his eye. The escort was then taken over by Sergeant Conyers.

April 8   Assault on Staff Member: Inmate Priore assaulted Officer L. Augustine by throwing the unit phone at him and striking him on his arm. Inmate refused to be cuffed when informed he was going to lock up. Internal Affairs was requested to film this move. Officers suited up as the inmate had used his foot ­locker as a shield. The cell door was opened, and inmate subdued and cuffed. He was taken to 1-left. Officer Augustine was sent to the clinic and returned to duty.

April 14   Assault on Staff Member: Inmate Scaife refused to return to his cell after being let out to speak with Officer Burrus (2C Control Booth Officer). No custody personnel were on the floor. Inmate was ordered back to his cell to which he refused. He struck Officer Burnett in the face (officers were summoned to the unit due to the inmate's behavior). A Code 33 was sounded and additional officers subdued the inmate. He was taken to the clinic, released, and escorted to 1-left.

April 28   Assault on Staff Member: Officer Vasquez was assaulted by inmate Stone during a mass movement to the Donald Bourne School. Officer Vasquez was sent to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment for injury to his lip and right eye. Inmate Stone was treated for a mouth injury at the clinic and escorted to 1-left. Due to inconsistencies in reports filed by staff members, Internal Affairs conducted an investigation. There was no evidence to indicate misconduct on the part of custody staff. However, due to this information not being passed on to the hearing officer, this inmate was found not guilty of the charges.

May 8   Assault on Staff Member: Sergeant Reynolds observed inmate Cerabone piling various items in the center of his cell, taking matches and attempting to strike one to start a fire. Sergeant Reynolds entered the cell to prevent a fire. He was immediately attacked by inmate Cerabone who proceeded to punch the sergeant until Cerabone was subdued and cuffed. The inmate was taken to the clinic, then to 1-left and placed in a cell on the flats under a fifteen-minute suicide watch.

May 12  Inmate Assault/Assault on Staff Member: Officer Gorman, SB #8 Officer, observed inmate Bobo and inmate Harrell fighting in the yard. Lieutenant Sudol, Sergeant Reynolds, and officers entered the yard to break up the fight. Inmate Amin started to distract Sergeant Reynolds at which point Bobo struck the sergeant in the back of the head with a closed fist, knocking him down. Bobo was subdued and officers attempted to remove these two inmates when inmate Amin became disruptive and attempted to interfere with the removal of the two inmates. All inmates were finally subdued and escorted out of the yard to the clinic and then to 1-left. Staff injuries: V. Antico--facial area, partial dental plate broken; T. Johnson-eye injury; and Sergeant Reynolds--injury to right arm. No injuries to inmates.

May 16   Assault on Staff Member/Use of Force: Sergeant Conyers was summoned to 4B as a result of inmate Gallucci throwing his food tray out of the food port, striking Officer Burnett. Inmate Laportes also threw his tray on the tier. Gallucci was escorted to 1-left. Laportes refused to be handcuffed. Internal Affairs and officers suited up; the inmate again refused to be cuffed. The cell door was opened, officers subdued this inmate, and he was cuffed. Inmate Laportes refused to walk and had to be carried out of the unit.

May 16   Assault on Staff Member: Officer M. Gonzalez, 7R Officer, was in the process of searching a cell belonging to inmate Campbell when this inmate became loud and abusive towards this officer. Officer Gonzalez summoned the area supervisor and related what had transpired. Sergeant Hendricks notified Lieutenant Davis who ordered the inmate placed in 1-left. As Campbell was being escorted to 1-left, he broke away from the sergeant and proceeded to 7R where he assaulted Officer Gonzalez. He was finally restrained and escorted to 1-left. Once escorted to 1-left, Officer Gonzalez stated to Lieutenant Davis that inmate Jackson had stepped between Officer Gonzalez and Campbell, stating that Campbell was not going anywhere. This inmate was also placed in 1-left. Officer Gonzalez was seen by the nurse; no treatment was needed.

May 18  Assault on Staff Member: Officer G.T. Paul was assaulted by inmate Whack. The inmate was subdued, taken to the clinic, examined, released, and escorted to 1-left. Inmate Hilliard succeeded in pulling Officer Paul's arms away when Officer Paul was defending himself when attacked by inmate Whack. Inmate Hilliard was also placed in 1-left. Officer Paul was referred to St. Francis for examination and treatment for a minor arm injury.