Gerald Allen Farmer was born in 1946 at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. His parents were from Lawnside NJ, a small Camden County community with historical roots to the Underground Railroad. Gerald's sixteen-year-old mother dreamed of becoming a nurse or a hairstylist. His eighteen-year-old father talked about becoming a lawyer. But his thoughts and actions eventually revealed that he was a young thug, hungry for the power and wealth of crime.

Gerald's first memories were of his mother's love for him and his three younger sisters. He can recall visiting his father in jail cells during his early childhood. After his father was released, he terrorized the young family with his violent temper, until eventually Gerald's mother took her four children and left.

Gerald saw his father infrequently between short prison sentences and began emulating his criminal characteristics. His own criminal career began at the age of 13 when he was sent to Jamesburg Reformatory for breaking into parking meters and stealing change. He graduated from crime to crime and from jail to jail. At the age of eighteen Gerald and his father ended up in the Camden County Jail together where they became partners in crime. Their partnership resulted in Gerald doing time in Yardville Youth Correctional Facility, federal facilities in New York and Petersburg, VA, and ultimately, New Jersey's brutal maximum-security prison at Trenton.

Today, Gerald mentors incarcerated youths in the New Jersey Juvenile Justice System, using a process and agenda he developed through his firsthand experiences in criminal darkness.