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Journeys: Readings in the Academic Disciplines
by Carol Friend and Laura D. Knight

Journeys:Readings in the Academic Disciplines introduces first-year college students to readings in the academy. It is designed so students read and respond to texts from across the disciplines-the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences-and includes the types of readings they will encounter during their college years and beyond. The 33 readings consist of short stories, essays, narratives, poems, and speeched. Each reading begins with "Activate your Schema" questions, followed bt vocabulary found in the reading and noted by paragraph number. Each reading ends with "Thinking and Responding to the Reading," which asks critical and creative-thinking questions. "Overview of Reading Skills and Startegies" introduces students to skills and strategies that will help improve their reading comprehension, study-skills, and critical-thinking skills.

This books develops critical-reading skills by teaching students to

  • activate their schema
  • develop their metacognition
  • be comfortable when faced with new vocabulary in context
  • respond to the readings through questions and discussion